MOUNT Palm Springs –
March 25& 26

Guys2 Mount returns to CCBC on March 25 & 26th!

Guys2 Group , Guys 2 Gather or Guys Together is a social group that hosts Shame free, Drug Free, Safe environments for men’s recreational needs.
Bringing Pop-UP theme events to enjoy male bonding and connections.
Once COVID is behind us, being together is ahead!

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  • MOUNT – Palm Springs – Mar 25 / 26
    COWBOYS Bustin’ broncos! Roundup time! Gather with likeminded guys who flag Blue! Be a COWBOY or bronco at guys2 MOUNT!
  • DEEP – Palm Springs Jan 7-9th
    Fist anyone? @Guys2group presents Deep! January 7 – 9 in the Palm Springs area. Special guest appearances by Drew Sebastian and Devin Franco!
  • SOAK – Palm Springs – May 20 – 22
    Palm Springs – Soak @ CCBC Resort. Come get soaking wet!
  • My Mount Memories
    Thanks for joining Guys2 Mount where Riders rule, and broncs provide! After the weekend of building community and having a crazy good time riders, broncs and wranglers have been reach out to share their MOUNT Memories… add to the comments and let us know your experience! Guys2 Rangers…
  • bronc gear: Mount Harness & Blindfold
    Guys2 MOUNT broncs are guided using a harness and blindfolded with a mount BLUE or Yellow blindfold.
  • Wrangler / Volunteers
    Volunteer to be a Wrangler. Curious about MOUNT, but not ready to be a RIDER or a bronc? Guys2 Group relies on volunteers to setup, and break down. During mount an additional group of volunteers are needed to safely guide blindfolded broncs within the corrals and to set up and break down the range. Wrangler …

    Wrangler / Volunteers Read More »

  • Mount Friday – Jake Mitchell
    Announcing Friday night the Riders will be led by Jake Mitchell. Jake will be meeting and greeting from 7pm foward as well as at the roundup briefing.
  • Julian Torres – Host Rider Sat
    Saturday night the Riders will be led by Julian Torres, Direct from New York City. Julian will join the Corral Code reviews with both RIDERS and broncs, then will be joining in!
  • Corral Code / Protocol
    In the old west, law was sparse and settlers needed to work together to keep society functioning. The Code of the West referred to socially agreed upon laws, sometimes called the cowboy code. At Guys2 Mount, a Corral Code governs our western style roundup as agreed upon rules that every RIDER and bronc is trusted to abide by while inside the corral.
  • Mount Corrals at CCBC venue.
    CCBC Resort is a clothing-optional resort spanning 3.5 acres. Guys2 Mount augments the existing facility with a 20×30 foot Mount House on the grass in front the pool as the Mount Corral / East Corral. The Compound area is gate controlled as the “Compound Corral / West Corral”. Corrals operate during published hours during the …

    Mount Corrals at CCBC venue. Read More »

  • ENDED – MOUNT – Palm Springs – Oct 22 / 23, 2021
    Riders Bustin’ Broncs! Roundup time! Gather with likeminded guys who flag Blue! Be a Rider or Bronc
  • ENDED – FLUFF Palm Springs Aug 27 / 28 – 2021
    thanks for attending Guys2 FLUFF Palm Springs. August 27th and 28th , 2021

Guys2 Group provides safe, drug free, shame free pop-up events where male bonding new connections can be formed.   Our themed events cover a full range of expression and interests designated by the hanky color of the event name.   A social is followed by an 8pm kickoff each evening in a casual, fun setting.  Learn more about each event:

Come out and meet guys from your backyard, around the country and across the globe.

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