mount buff and harness

bronc gear: Mount Harness & Blindfold

Corral entry requires a bronc wear a mount harness and blindfold. (both are provided).
When approaching the corral, the gate wrangler can help get both in place if assistance is needed.

Mount Harness

The Mount Harness is worn behind the neck and mid back and the front of a bronc’s shoulders.
Rather than a simple rope, the harness is a 2″ Wide, double thick web.
broncs can be grabbed from behind by Mount Harness at the back of the neck and midback, or if a bronc is on his back, the shoulders become grab points.

Buff Blindfold

While in the corral broncs MUST have their blindfold in place.
BLUE – Mount Buff = Anything Goes, raw play ok.
YELLOW – Soak Buff = Caution, Condom play ONLY.

6 thoughts on “bronc gear: Mount Harness & Blindfold”

    1. Hi Todd, Mount is NOT a Fisting Party, That would be DEEP
      There are NO toys permitted.
      While MOUNT IS a Riders Bustin Broncs party consent remains with the bronc..
      Check the Corral Code, the Third Edict : Respect Hand — Bronc’s hand up, action stops.
      A bronc can raise a hand to stop the action for ANY REASON…
      being worn out, not comfortable… the reason doesn’t matter.
      the bronc blindfold creates anonymity, it does not remove consent.

  1. I am excited about this type of event as I am a top that likes to bottom. I would like to be a bronc but after reading the rules, I do not feel I can wear a blindfold as I am a bit claustrophobic. I also like sex and want to see who is fucking me. If I am not able to enter the corral, will there be fucking outside the corral (probably a dumb question ). I would still like to wear the wristband showing I am a bronc but I want to suck dick and see him enter me. My first time so I apologize for the naivete.

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