Mount Corrals at CCBC venue.

CCBC Resort is a clothing-optional resort spanning 3.5 acres. Guys2 Mount augments the existing facility with a 20×30 foot Mount House on the grass in front the pool as the “Mount Corral / East Corral“. The Compound area is gate controlled as the “Compound Corral / West Corral“. Corrals operate during published hours during the event (typically 4 hours in the evening). Corral Code is enforced WITHIN THE corral.
When on the range (within the resort) outside of a corral, COWBOYS and broncos can mingle, swap stories and further bond. While there is no campfire for stories, the hot tubs work just great. On the range, COWBOYS and broncos can mount each other, as the Corral Code only applies DURING the mount inside the corrals.

The bronc herd and COWBOYS can move freely between corrals, however, there may be a wait to enter either corral. Broncs wait to the RIGHT of the gate, COWBOYs / Riders to the LEFT. VIP pass holders wait in the Center and receive PRIORITY entry to either Corral, by passing any waiting broncs or COWBOYS.

Guys2 Group – Guys Together will keep the corrals open to everyone outside of “the Mount” hours.

Mount Corral / East Corral

The 600 SF Guys2 Group ‘house’ will have windows blacked out, and the entrance covered, ensuring no broncs get spooked. During cold months the Mount Corral will have heaters.
Gate control operates facing room 20 with a gate wrangler checking wrist bands and managing capacity and COWBOY to Bronco ratios. There is no visibility into the Mount Corral from any public space.
BRONC BRIEFING will be held for ALL broncs at 7:30pm in the MOUNT CORRAL (EAST)

Compound Corral / West Corral

The compound area Gate control operates facing room 14 with a gate wrangler checking wrist bands and managing capacity and COWBOY to bronco ratios. The Confessionals, and Operations Tent are all part of the Compound Corral.
There is no visibility into the Compound Corral from any public space.
(Video Room and Dungeon are not part of the corral operation).

COWBOY Briefing

COWBOY BRIEFING will be held for ALL COWBOYS at 7:45pm in the Cock-Tub Fenced Area.
Meet the Lead Rider, review the Corral Code then COWBOYs march to the corrals to MOUNT the broncos!

7 thoughts on “Mount Corrals at CCBC venue.”

  1. Is the Sept 23 event still going on as scheduled? I was wondering if the event would be delayed/ cancelled due to the Monkeypox outbreak. If the event goes on as scheduled, will you require all who attend to be double vaxxed for MP? I am registered but if I decide not to attend, can I get a refund or can my ticket go towards a future event? Thanks.

    1. YES Mount is on.
      Like all of our events, cancelations due to STIs are refundable.
      We want to keep everyone as safe as practical.
      Join us at MOUNT!

  2. Just picked up my VIP two day Bronco pass. I got my monkey pox vaccine and I’m ready for some hot fun. I love that REV for men is involved with the event as well. Nothing hotter than the thought of a room of tops with rock hard cocks needing a place to put it. Cant wait for this event!

    1. If you have a VIP ticket, you’ll get 2oz Swiss Navy Lube, EVENT Passes get a 1oz SWISS Navy Lube…
      Day Passes (which ONLY are available to riders) get 5 lube packets!

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