Out of the Kennel: Kink, Fetish & Queer Life

CyberSocket Interviews Julian Torres and Bobby Ryker.

Julian Torres, Bobby Ryker, Meaty Panda and Cazden Hunter (ALL prior Fisting Coaches at Guys2 Deep) spend 38 minutes discussing Fisting…

Watch the video or Stream the podcast from FleshBot by CyberSocket

Here is the PodCast:


Bobby Ryker | Instagram: @bobbyryker_pg13 + Twitter: @BobbyRyker
Julian Torres | Instagram: @ffurrystudzone + Twitter: @FfurryStud

cybersocket.com | Instagram: @cybersocketig + Twitter: @cybersocket

meatyandcazden.fun | All Socials: @meatyandcazden

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