guys2 FLUFF Palm Springs August 2021

FLUFF Palm Springs Aug 27 / 28

Tickets go on sale August 13th

Fluffing is a favored job on a porn set, Guys 2 Fluff turns it into THE event… Join as Throat or Meat (and you can change roles too!) Explore our Pop-Up features including the Fluff House… 5pm the social begins at runway where you can Meet the Meat! At 8pm Element and Andrew’s Fluff Kickoff will get you primed up for a night of Guys 2 Fluff!

Please Support our Sponsor: PIGsolvents Bring out the Pig!

2 thoughts on “FLUFF Palm Springs Aug 27 / 28”

  1. I’m interested in attending FLUFF! Tickets go on sale on my birthday, so this will be a special birthday present for myself. How to buy tickets??

    1. Happy birthday…
      Details on tickets will be posted on this page before August 1st..
      Look forward to seeing you at Guys 2 Fluff

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