Guys2 Group – adopts Duo Club Code

G2 / announces the adoption of
Club Code Pair
GREEN 2 purple 4 Guys2

Guys2 Group along with Fetish Vector and the Code Pair project announce the Club Code Pair for Guys2 Org

Code Pairs use a Dual Color arrow to signal interest in different Fetishes (check out for details) with the focus on the wide range of sexual expressions in today’s world.. Think of it as a ‘Hanky Codes’ for everyone. The Code Pair combines an OUTER color and an inner color and is written as OUTER-2-inner, for example COPPER 2 silver ( CP2sl ) represents the Electro Play Fetish.

G2 Guys2 logo uses a Green ‘G’ and purple ‘2’, making the GREEN 2 purple an ideal color pair to represent our organization.

An extension of Hanky Code Pair enables groups, clubs, events or organizations (club for short) to apply for their own Code Pair Color Combination. With over 25 colors, and and inner or OUTER position, that means 2500 groups, clubs or organizations can be represented.

All CLUB CODE PAIRs have an additional white arrow in the OUTER Color band, and a QR code that leads to the ‘club’ website. In some cases the Name of the Organization will appear below the Arrow. Club Code Arrows ALWAYS point UP

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