Guys2 began with a goal to bring guys the information they need to be themselves , be safe, and find other men to enjoy.

Our mission breaks into Inform, Equip, Live & Support


guys 2 org events

Rather than re-invent the resources that already exist, we review, and summarize with links back to the source organizations. Including information to help guys meet other guys and play informed. Some examples include MR Friendly and PreP offerings.


Find the gear needed to have a good time, from clothing and jockstraps, to Slings and Crosses, and all the solvent cleaners and lubes to make it all work.


Pronounced LIVE life, In Real Life, living LIVE and in person. Once informed and equipped it time to meet up, connect, interact… to Live… Live… Guys2 ______ . Guys 2 Fluff, Guys 2 Mount, Guys Deep and Guys 2 Soak popup events bring us together and tighten the bonds that we share.


Guys 2 also gives back to the communities we operate in. A Fundraising Cause can receive a percentage of the ticket sales and donations during the event. To register as a Fundraising cause send an email to [email protected].

G2.club and Guys2.org joined together bring guys support, Gear, and Themed Pop-up events to connect and enjoy brothers together!

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