MOUNT – Palm Springs – Mar 25 / 26


Broncs of the western United States have been ‘Gathered’ into capture corrals for decades. Guys2 Group continues the tradition with
Guys 2 Mount. Seeking riders with stamina to mount the spirited broncs in the East and West Corrals.

Riders Rule! Pick any or every bronc, and ride’em hard
Broncs in the Corral are harnessed and blindfolded to prevent them from being spooked…
Wranglers assist blindfolded broncs within the corral, monitor the corral code and edicts, earning discounted tickets to future mounts.

Rangers keep the peace as Law Enforcement.
Do you have what it takes to join the roundup??

Tickets On Sale
Jan 7 2022
8pm start both days

Tickets are Specific to RIDER or BRONC.

VIP & Event Tickets are for RIDER OR BRONC for BOTH days.

SINGLE day passes go on sale Jan 7th, subject to availability based on VIP and EVENT Tickets… In other words, If EVENT and VIP tickets have maxed out the ration of BRONCs, then NO SINGLE DAY BRONC tickets would be available.

We maintain a strict ratio between RIDERS and BRONCS to ensure the success of the round-up.

Limited Supply.

Special Guests
Mount Palm Springs

Meet our special guests

Jake Mitchell

Jake Mitchell
Only Fans, Just For Fans ,
on twitter MrJakeMitchell

Jack Dixon

Jack Dixon
Just For Fans
twitter @JackDixonXX

Support our Sponsors

Without the generous sponsorship of time and treasure Mount Palm Springs would not be possible.

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