Mount Memories

My Mount Memories

Thanks for joining Guys2 Mount where Riders rule, and broncs provide!
After the weekend of building community and having a crazy good time riders, broncs and wranglers have been reach out to share their MOUNT Memories… add to the comments and let us know your experience!
Guys2 Rangers…

24 thoughts on “My Mount Memories”

  1. Endless gratitude to all organizers and wranglers of Mount, as well as to the friendly and helpful CCBC staff.
    This was my first time and eagerly look forward to the next Mount event. This bronco would have been satisfied from the incessant pounding on Friday night, alone. But Saturday was even better.
    Thank you to all who participated!

  2. Wrangle Bob
    The best well run event I have ever been associated with…… Tim and his crew did a most wonderful job in providing a safe environment for men to fully express themselves. All the Broncs and Riders were well taken care of – and having a Fucking Fantastic time!!
    All the comments were positive and the one’s I talked to are waiting to return..
    Congratulations Sir Tim and Crew
    Bring on Deep and Soak !!!!

  3. Wrangler Patrick

    I was fortunate to attend Friday night’s Mount. In a word…WOW! Both corrals were full of hot HOT men (tops and bottoms) and if it was that well attended Friday it must have been a total gang bang orgy on Saturday night. The organizers did a great job of setting up spaces that were perfect for fucking… many slings, benches, tables etc. with hot broncs just waiting for my cock! Because this was the first Mount many guys I know decided to sit this one out…..but after I told them how HOT it was all of them have said they wish they would have gone and they all now say they plan to attend next year…..and they’ll go both nights.

  4. I attended on Friday night; didn’t buy the two-night Bronc ticket.

    The party was raw and hot. @MrJakeMitchell was incredibly friendly and outgoing — and subjected at least some of us to brutally deep, hard fucks.

    Wishing I had gotten that ticket for tonight!

  5. Shout-out to the crew from
    ! Thanks for letting me help out and wrangle the last two nights at Mount! Daddy lost track of how many holes he stretched, too many to count. Looking forward to future boding events from this crew Hugging face

  6. What an awesome evening of sex and bonding. I was hesitant to go at first but couldn’t resist. So my husband M (a rider) and I (a bronc) joined Sat night. First off, I felt totally safe while blindfolded. This was really important to M and i, and Guys2 set the event up with safety in mind.

    Then Guys2 really delivered – my bronc ass got a total workout – many hot men and intense! What an ego-boost. I still can’t decide if I like tables, benches or slings the best. Also, it was a blast talking to everyone and trying to match faces to penises.

    Thanks to Guys2 and the MEN that made the evening great. See ya next time! By the way, I was the guy in the blue Gym jock and Vans. 🙂

  7. My husband and I had an amazing time. I signed him up as a bronc and myself a rider. The mix of guys was great! Biggest compliment my husband gave was that he felt safe, and comfortable at all times. We will be back to CCBC and attend more events. Thank you, M&D

  8. Thx Tim for inviting me and accepting me as s Wrangler! It was a great crew of Rangers and Wranglers that managed a well organized event! I was amazed at the camaraderie and the kindness of the Wranglers. In fact it was so well staffed that I had my share of bronc-tail myself! Bonus!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for letting me join in this weekend as a wrangler and for all your work organizing such a great event!

    fuck that was amazing. I never got a chance to whore it up really, so to have an event like this as my introduction makes me feel spoiled. The fact that everyone from your crew was so friendly and on top of things made it even better.

  10. Great time Friday night at Mount. Loved it. Could not make it Saturday night. Hope it was as successful for you.

    My thoughts. Loved everything! I wasn’t a fan of two corral locations. Would have been nicer to have one larger tent but I understand the constraints you may have had.

    Ratio of tops to bottoms I do not know but I got mounted plenty! And having Jake Mitchell there was awesome.

    Thanks again and I for sure will attend another Mount event when you have one.

  11. Hello, I want to say thank you so much for the Mount events. Friday I had a good time.
    But on Saturday..OMG I was the crazy bottom on the fuc-nic table the last hr of the event.I was used on both holes by such a great tops. I was the diva for a moment. So many tops complemented me as ! Hot bottom!. I left absolutely satified.
    Thanks again to all your team!

  12. Thank you to Team Guys2! I had the privilege of attending the first MOUNT on both October 22nd and 23rd as a Bronc. Both parties were incredible and I ending the nights filled with joy (both figuratively and literally…WOOF!). From start to finish, the sense of brotherly love, bonding, and support was felt making the entire experience exciting and memorable in the best ways possible. The lead riders were amazing! The fact that they made sure every Bronc was ridden made it a night for everyone to remember. Not sure when the next MOUNT will be, but whenever it is, I can’t wait as I plan to be the first in line!!!

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