ENDED – MOUNT – Palm Springs – Oct 22 / 23, 2021


Broncs of the western United States have been ‘Gathered’ into capture corrals for decades. Guys2 Group continues the tradition with
Guys 2 Mount. Seeking riders with stamina to mount the spirited broncs in the East and West Corrals.

Riders Rule! Pick any or every bronc, and ride’em hard
Broncs in the Corral are harnessed and blindfolded to prevent them from being spooked…
Wranglers assist blindfolded broncs within the corral, monitor the corral code and edicts, earning discounted tickets to future mounts.

Rangers keep the peace as Law Enforcement.
Do you have what it takes to join the roundup??


Tickets are Specific to RIDER or BRONC.

VIP & Event Tickets are for RIDER OR BRONC for BOTH days.

SINGLE day passes go on sale October 8th, subject to availability based on VIP and EVENT Tickets… In other words, If EVENT and VIP tickets have maxed out the ration of BRONCs, then NO SINGLE DAY BRONC tickets would be available.

We maintain a strict ratio between RIDERS and BRONCS to ensure the success of the round-up.

Limited Supply.

Special Guests
Mount Palm Springs

Meet our special guests

Jake Mitchell palm springs MOUNT
Jake Mitchell

Jake Mitchell
Only Fans, Just For Fans ,
on twitter MrJakeMitchell

Julian Torres

Julian Torres
Just For Fans
twitter @FfurryStud

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42 thoughts on “ENDED – MOUNT – Palm Springs – Oct 22 / 23, 2021”

  1. I would like to attend as a bronc but I have to work on Friday and would be driving from Phoenix so I may not get there the recommended time before the start of the event Can I still get in?

    1. a bronc that arrives after “RIDERS MOUNT UP” will be able to enter the Corral 60 minutes after the start.
      During the first 60 minutes of MOUNT, broncs remain in the starting Corral.
      One option would be to purchase a Saturday only ticket.
      Head Ranger

  2. Where do the broncs get the mount harnesses? Is there any place to keep things like lube? Can broncs wear jockstraps? Thanks!!

    1. The harness is distributed with the blindfold when you first enter the corral.
      Broncs can wear any non-ass blocking gear, subject to gate wrangler approval.. Jockstraps are ok!
      See the full Corral code for details

  3. HI! I got my Bronc tickets and ready to be be mounted!!!
    Are we going to get some instructions as far as the time we need to be onsite ready to be mounted or where to go or to do once we check in?

    1. Mount Tickets are on sale and specific as RIDER or BRONC subject to capacity controls. If BRONC event ticket (both days BRONC) are sold out, then VIP Bronc would be an option. or wait for the next ticket release. October 8th SINGLE day passes are released, based on the balance of RIDERS to BRONC some one or the other may not be offered. Buy early to ensure a ‘seat’

      1. What is your planned proportion of BRONCs to RIDERs? I’m a voyeur and love the idea of being a Wrangler. How do I sign up for Wrangler? If I get excited by the action and want ride a Bronco or two would I be allowed to jump in the corral and tag a Bronco? I assume I should buy a Rider ticket but I how do I also get to wrangle?

        1. Hi Jack, thanks for your interest in wrangling. Its a great way to watch the action (because the Corrals are NOT viewable from the outside). Wranglers ensure the safety of the broncs, and compliance with the Corral Code.
          Wranglers don’t mount or get mount so ‘jumping in’ would get you thrown out. Better to buy a ticket as a RIDER.

          More details on volunteer sign up to be a wrangler will be provided soon!

          1. Thanks for the answers …….. anything you can share about the physical structure of the corrals? what they’ll look like and where they’ll be located within the CCBC grounds?

    1. Hi There!
      No Mares at Mount… but you can be a BRONC! and the Riders will enjoy mounting you!
      Preview tickets go on sale at FLUFF this friday.
      Then to the general public Monday August 30th.
      Make sure to purchase the BRONC ticket.
      Ranger Neal

  4. I so happen to be staying there that weekend. Are you limiting the # of Broncos? What if everyone is a Bronco? Asking for a friend.

    1. Resort guests are able to enjoy the Range (resort) and the corrals outside of event hours.
      To participate as a RIDER or a bronc DURING the event, a RIDER or bronc ticket must be purchased.
      (email your room confirmation, to [email protected] for a 30% promo code).

    1. Yes. Broncs with a YELLOW blindfold indicate to riders that SAFE sex / Condoms are required. Broncs with a BLUE blindfold can be used bareback

  5. Do you know when the room block for the Mount event will be opened up to make reservations. I called CCBC and was told that the rooms are all blocked for an event and they cannot take any reservations. Since I’m not local to Palm Springs I need to stay somewhere and the best place is obviously at CCBC. TIA

    1. Hi Mike, CCBC is the best place to stay..
      The rooms will be open for MOUNT reservations starting August 15th.
      AND when you stay Resort Guests can purchase a RIDER or BRONC ticket with a 30% off promo code. (email the reservation confirmation to [email protected] )

          1. My last response didn’t seem to save. Anyway…

            Who are we supposed to receive the code from? I spoke with CCBC and they did not seem to be aware of any codes for guests with reservations on the dates for the event. For those of us with reservations, since tickets are now on sale, when can we expect to receive a code?

          2. Thanks for the interest in MOUNT. With FLUFF concluded yesterday, details for MOUNT and CCBC resort guests will be provided after Labor day.

  6. So what are the rules? Is there a list posted somewhere? I’d like to be a Bronco one day and a Mount the next but don’t see any guidance about that.

    1. Part of the roundup is the mystery… if you are a bronco you will be blindfolded,
      and if a wrangler finds you peeking, or without a blindfold in the corral,
      a ranger (law) will be called, and wristband will be cutoff (and you’ll be asked to leave).
      That said, when you are outside the 2 corrals, broncs are not blindfolded.
      We’ve got rules.. if you can’t follow-em, please don’t buy a ticket…
      BUT if you are voyeur, sign up to be a wrangler! You’ll be assisting the broncs in and out of the corral, but also get to see all the action while keeping to the Corral Code

  7. Hello, this bronco is ready to sign up and ready to be ridden long deep and hard. Question do the bronco’s need to bring there own blindfolds or is something supplied?



    1. More details will be published after Fluff PS concludes… Blindfolds will be provided by Mount…
      Look forward to seeing you there!

  8. Hello there. I want to be a Bronco at your October event. Are there age restrictions for mature Broncos?? Are the Broncos tied up, as well as being blind folded and are all the Broncos in one coral ??

    1. Hi Peter, good questions.. Guys Group (G2) events make no age restrictions, we stand by all-inclusive shame-free… No age shaming, body shaming, status shaming, or slut shaming. Its a Sex Positive space for guys with guys.
      Mount at CCBC resort will have 2 corrals, broncs wear a mount harness, but are NOT tied up…
      Look forward to meeting you there!

    1. While horsemarket models a European Auction, mount is a western style round-up..
      Buy a ticket as a bronco and the riders will break ya!
      Buy a ticket as a Rider and take any bronc for a ride.
      See you in October!
      (mount tickets available!)

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