guys2 mount Sept 2022

** POSTPONED ** MOUNT – Palm Springs – Sep 23 / 24, 2022

Because of the lack of Monkey Pox Vax distribution, Sept Mount has been moved to MARCH 24 & 25th….


Broncos of the western United States have been ‘Gathered’ into capture corrals during the roundup and busted by COWBOYS for decades.
Guys2 Group continues the tradition with Guys 2 Mount. Seeking COWBOYS with stamina to mount the spirited broncos in the East and West Corrals.

COWBOYS pick any or every bronco, and ride’em hard
Broncos in the Corral are blindfolded and harnessed to prevent them from being spooked…
Wranglers assist blindfolded broncos within the corral and monitor the corral code. Volunteering earns future COWBOY and bronco tickets.
More Wrangler Details

Rangers keep the peace as Law Enforcement.
Do you have what it takes to join the roundup??

Tickets On Sale July 25!
8pm start both days

Tickets are Specific to COWBOY or bronco.

VIP & Event Tickets are for COWBOY OR bronco for BOTH days.

SINGLE day passes go on sale August 19th, subject to availability based on VIP and EVENT Tickets… In other words, If EVENT and VIP tickets have maxed out the ratio of broncos, then NO SINGLE DAY bronco tickets would be available.

We maintain a strict ratio between COWBOYS and broncos to ensure the success of the round-up.

Limited Supply.

  • Pre-sale offers for previous MOUNT attendees start July 15
  • Attending deep? Get priority sales at the event
  • Public mount ticket sales begin July 25th

Mount Palm Springs
Sept 23 & 24th

Meet our special guests

Jake Mitchell

Jake Mitchell
Only Fans, Just For Fans ,
on twitter MrJakeMitchell

Julian Torres

Just For Fans
twitter @FfurryStud

Support our Sponsors

Without the generous sponsorship of time and treasure Mount Palm Springs would not be possible.

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17 thoughts on “** POSTPONED ** MOUNT – Palm Springs – Sep 23 / 24, 2022”

  1. I notice the Mount site now has a banner saying that MPX and Covid vaccinations are required. Does this mean the event will go on as planned? What is required for proof of MPX vaccination and are both MPX shots required? (The event is less than 3 weeks away and I am already hard thinking about it.)

    1. MOUNT IS back Sept 23 & 24th. Our lead cowboys Jake Mitchell and Julian Torres have been vaxed and are ready to ride!
      On entry to CCBC you’ll be asked to sign a consent and release that attests to having been vaxed for covid and MPX…

  2. Can a bronco were a full hood with eyes and mouth open and then the blindfold to stay completely anonymous? I would also like to be in chastity. Is that allowed?

    1. We have guys from their early 20s to late 60s ….
      all shapes and sizes..
      truly the event where everyone is connected

    2. I have attended both of the previous Mounts (and will be at the next one) and I was amazed at the variety of men! I was surprised by how many young guys were ready to mount and get mounted. What they all had in common was they’re MEN and they were all very very horny. The Broncs were very much like horses in a corral, all nervous and excited at what was about to happen…..and happen it did! I have been to a LOT of sex parties, orgies, and gang bangs and the amount of fucking at Mount was unbelievable. Every single person I know who attended immediately made plans to attend again. True story: A friend who bought the 2 night VIP pass last time said to me after the first hour on Friday night that he had already gotten his money’s worth. (Yes, he is attending the next mount and bought his VIP passes the first hour they were on sale.)

  3. Thinking about flying in for the event to be a bronco. Does the event ticket include any recommended accommodations? This would be my first time attending.

  4. Are all body types welcome? I’m planning to attend as a bronc. I’m 50 and chubby. Insatiable bb bottom. Just wondering about the types of guys who typically attend — especially the broncs. Thanks.

  5. If I choose to be a bronc and choose to wear a blindfold desiring safer sex, does that limit how many guys will want to mount?

    And if I choose raw rides, is it strictly raw? Can a cowboy ride wearing a condom on a bronc choosing raw rides ?

    1. Depends on the mix of cowboys,
      some cowboys always use condoms so they can mount Blue or Yellow blindfolded broncs.
      Blue means RAW is ok.

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