Mount Palm Springs Wranglers

Wrangler / Volunteers

Volunteer to be a Wrangler.

Curious about MOUNT, but not ready to be a RIDER or a bronc?

Guys2 Group relies on volunteers to setup, and break down. During mount an additional group of volunteers are needed to safely guide blindfolded broncs within the corrals and to set up and break down the range.

Wrangler Details

Wrangler Job Description:

  • Shifts ( 6:15-9:15 9:00 -11:59)
  • Assist with check-in,
    getting broncs ready,
    Moving broncs,
    Code Compliance,
    best Rider voting.


  • Free Entrance 8hr pass to TODAYs event
  • be RIDER before,
    during break
    or after shift,

Corral Shifts

  • bronc or RIDER during a break, AND
  • FREE ticket to a future night of ANY Guys2 Event.

Sign Up as a Wrangler

Choose Setup / TearDown or a specific shift as a wrangler with the Wrangler Sign Up button, then tap on GREEN tickets button on eventbrite.

6 thoughts on “Wrangler / Volunteers”

    1. Wranglers report to the front of the mount corral (the big tent, in front of room 20).
      Report for your shift 15 minutes before the shift starts.
      First shift starts at 6:15, report at 6:00; Second shift starts at 9:00 report at 8:45;

    1. Wranglers can wear anything they would like:
      cowboy gear and chaps, jeans and a t-shirt, Nasty Pig Union Suit or just a pair of shorts..

      Boots or Shoes (no flip-flops).

      wranglers will wear a MOUNT Blue – Harness to be easily identified
      On Duty Wrangler Harness

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