Mount Edicts and Code

3 Mount Edicts / Laws:

First: Maintain Role

  • RIDERS: Left Wrist band – Riders ONLY mount broncs
  • broncs: Right Wrist band – broncs only mounted by RIDERS

Second: Honor Blindfold

  • RIDERS: Honor the bronc’s blindfold: YELLOW: Safe Sex, BLUE: Bareback
  • broncs: No peeking, or removing the blindfold

Third: Respect Hand

  • RIDERS: Bronc’s hand up, action stops.
  • broncs: Use hand to check condom, PA or size. Raise hand to flag a wrangler

Corral Code:

In the old west, law was sparse and settlers needed to work together to keep society functioning. The Code of the West referred to socially agreed laws, sometimes called the cowboy code. At Guys2 Mount, a Corral Code governs our western style roundup as agreed upon rules that every RIDER and bronc is trusted to abide by while inside the corral. The Corral Code and the 3 mount edicts form the basis for our event. If you can’t follow them, don’t buy a ticket.


  • Entry:
    • Line up outside on the LEFT side of the Corral entrance (VIP line up in center).
    • Wait for the gate wrangler (wristband check, corral control)
  • Mount:
    • inspect any free bronc, touching, commenting. (Mount is a SHAME FREE event, no negative, or aggressive comments)
    • mount the bronc where found or move the bronc
    • to move, alert the bronc, then guide the bronc by the harness
      (RIDER is responsible for safety when bronc is moved)
  • Exit:
    • Leave the Corral whenever you like


  • Entry:
    • Line up outside on the RIGHT side of the Corral entrance (VIP line up in center).
    • Wait for a gate wrangler (wristband check, corral control)
    • Raise blindfold, Corral Wrangler will move you into the Corral.
  • Mount:
    • Check for condom / PA or size, if needed.
    • Let rider guide you where they want to place you
    • worn out? thirsty? or an issue with a RIDER- Raise your hand!
  • Exit:
    • raise your hand and a wrangler will come as soon as possible
    • Do NOT remove the blindfold
    • wrangler will guide you to the exit, and the Gate Wrangler will lower your blindfold.

Pre-Mount: (the schedule)


  • Arrival: Be on range 75 minutes before “The Mount”
  • Dress: Riders can wear anything they like, or nothing at all.
  • Social: Runway 60 minutes before “The Mount” to meet the Guest Rider (guest star) and fellow riders.
  • Briefing: Ranger review of the 3 Mount Edicts and Corral Code, 10 minutes before “the Mount”


  • Arrival: Broncs arrive at the range 90 minutes before “The Mount” starts.
  • Dress: Broncs are naked except for Mount Harness, blindfold and shoes/boots (cockrings, armbands or any non-ass blocking gear subject to Gate wrangler approval)
  • Blindfold: YELLOW = Safe Sex/Condom, BLUE = Prefers Bareback
  • Social: Mount Corral 75 minutes before “The Mount”, meet the Guest Rider (guest star) and mingle with the Bronc Herd.
  • Briefing: Ranger review of the 3 Mount Edicts and Corral Code, 20 minutes before “the Mount”


  • Wranglers (volunteers) help enforce the Corral Code and safely guide broncs.
  • Watch for RIDERs not respecting hands or honoring blindfolds
  • Guide Broncs to the gate, or other areas of the corral as requested.
  • Wranglers DO NOT ride broncs, or get ridden by riders.
  • Perfect role for a voyeur

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